“TELL me & I’ll Forget,
SHOW me & I may remember,
INVOLVE me & I will understand”


Please be advised that we feel that it will be impossible for us to continue with our project. With the issues of the Covid 19 virus there are several areas of concern for us – such as social distancing, will there be school day trips, busing issues, what will our education system look like. Then what about fundraising – we feel that in the new world priorities will change. The unknown is just too much for us to guess at and go further as these issues will make it impossible for us to survive.

We would like to thank everyone for their support through the years. We are very disappointed and have not made this decision lightly. Heaven forbid we would build the village and no child would attend or get sick from the virus. It only makes sense to step away now – STAY SAFE

Mary Ann Buntrock (chair)

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to help to reduce child-related injuries in the communities of Lambton by creating a safe setting where young people will learn Safety Awareness and will be motivated to learn how to make smart choices in their daily lives.