Girl’s escape to safety saluted

GILLIAN WHEATLEY, The London Free Press
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 9:18:17 EDT PM

Chantal Davison received an award from the province for safely escaping a fire last year.

Davison is one of four recipients given the Fire Safety Action Award this year. She was presented with the award Tuesday in Toronto and again Wednesday at London’s fire department headquarters.

“Families need smoke alarms,” said Davison, 14. “That was the really big thing that really saved my life that day.”

The fire broke out at the Davison family home on Pall Mall St. on June 7 last year. Davison, who was 12 at the time, knew from training she had received at the YMCA’s Children’s Safety Village to crawl along the floor to avoid the smoke spreading through the house and to leave immediately. She then met up with her family out front.

Her father Ken said an extension cord was the source of the fire, which caused more than half a million dollars worth of damage.

“Due to the early warning and the training we were all able to get out, so no human lives were lost,” he said. They had interconnected smoke alarms, he added, so when the first alarm sounded the other alarms also went off.


Girl credited for saving her own life

ERICA BAJER, Chatham Daily News
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 5:25:15 EDT PM

When Lauren Fuoco was choking on a piece of steak, she used what she learned at the Chatham-Kent Children’s Safety Village to save her own life.

“I was thinking I was going to die,” the 11-year-old said.

Fuoco, who was honoured by the safety village and local emergency services Tuesday, said she started to panic and tried to grab the steak from her throat.

She stood up from the table and so did her parents. Before they could move to help her, she helped herself.

“I remembered a lesson on what to do when choking,” she said. “I stopped panicking and calmly inhaled through my nose and coughed hard.”

Fuoco said the meat flew from her mouth and landed in her water glass.

She said to lighten the mood, her dad Don joked that she earned two points.

“I said ‘Dad, this is not the time,’ ” she laughed.

Fuoco said she used what she’d learned during a visit to the safety village with her Grade 6 class.